Our History

Our founder Raymond Kennedy returned from Bangladesh in 1972 having worked with several key charities there including Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM). DAM was seen as a vehicle for bringing commitment, hope and development. He set up Dhaka Ahsania Mission UK (DAM UK) to partner with DAM to bring UK resources together with local and community knowhow. Together we create and fund projects that materially improve the opportunities for children and adults living in the poorest communities in Bangladesh. DAM is one of the largest and longest established Bangladeshi NGOs, founded in 1958. It works in 43 out of 64 Districts in Bangladesh and has a diverse portfolio of initiatives spanning health, water and sanitation, education and training, economic development, agriculture, rights and governance, climate change and disaster risk reduction. It has recognised UN ECOSOC status and is partner of UNESCO.

To find out more about our partner DAM, please visit their website.

With our shared values, we work in partnership with DAM towards progress on our charitable objectives. Together, we design and implement community-led projects. Our partnership with DAM includes raising funds to support DAM’s work, collaborating on monitoring, evaluation and learning and sharing expertise and information. By working together in this way we aim to ensure the sustainability of our projects and maximise the impact for the communities we work with.

We were officially registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales in 1995 and as a limited company with Companies House. In 2013 we were awarded our largest grant from Comic Relief. We rely on the expert advice and guidance of our voluntary Council of Management and independent advisors.

DAM UK has a thirteen person volunteer Council of Management who are vital in supporting our work

DAM UK has a thirteen person volunteer Council of Management who are vital in supporting our work

We have a Council of Management made up of volunteers and two representatives from our partner organisation in Bangladesh. The Council of Management members are:

  • Dave Sternberg, Chairman

  • Martin Shirley, Deputy Chairman

  • Neaz Ahmed, General Secretary

  • Shamim Saifullah, Treasurer

  • Kazi Rafiqul Alam, President of DAM

  • Ehsanur Rahman, Executive Director of DAM

  • Zina Fear, Fundraising Coordinator

  • David Fear

  • Yasmin Khan

  • Shah Kibria

  • Derek Thorne

  • Sally Morgan

  • Raymond Kennedy

  • Jo Davies

  • Emma Crump

Strategy and Annual Reports

In 2015 we developed a new five year strategy. Below is a summary of the key points of our 2015 – 2020 strategy

Download Strategy Document

Along with our strategy we have an overarching goal that by 2020 we will have given 70,000 children and adults living in the poorest communities in Bangladesh the opportunities for a better life.

Each year we publish an annual report which keeps our partners, donors and supporters updated about our work and latest developments.

Download 2017 Annual Report
Download 2016 Annual Report
Download 2015 Annual Report

Please visit the Charity Commission website to view our full statement of annual accounts.

Partnerships are key to our work and vital for the delivery and funding of our projects


We are extremely grateful to all of our funding partners who are vital in helping us to achieve our charitable objectives.
Our current partners include UK and internationally-based charitable trusts and foundations, corporations and the support of individual donors. Our largest funding partnership is with Comic Relief who are supporting our work with street and working children.

For more detailed information on all of our current funding partners, you can visit our annual reports where we publish a thank you each year.
For more information about how you can work with us please visit our ‘Work with us’ page.

How our funding is spent