We are an international development charity registered in the UK

We support communities in Bangladesh with opportunities to improve their own lives

We do this by directly funding community led projects. These largely focus on providing clean water and sanitation, education, vocational skills training and teach people about their rights.

We work with adults and children from the most vulnerable communities in Bangladesh and have a particular focus on street and working children. We work from the grassroots level right up to the national government to help people become more independent.

Our vision is a Bangladesh that is an inclusive and sustainable society where women, men and children alike of all backgrounds are able to thrive and live their lives with dignity and respect.

Recent Tweets

Watch a short video filmed by Sport Relief about our work with street and working children in Dhaka. Here is Russell’s story.


Your donation can make a real difference to the lives of people in Bangladesh.

Companies: If you are from a company and would like to help support us there are many ways you can get involved. Please visit our Corporate Pack.